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Sue brings the full power of our collective skills, talent and experience to bear on service to each and every client. She has consistently helped our clients meet and exceed their revenue goals. Her goal is to help each of our field consultants stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly shifting business world, in tune with the future and thus well ahead of the competition. With years of experience as a Morrison and Abraham field consultant, Sue makes sure that the best practices of one become the best practices of all.

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amber brown

AMBER BROWNField Consultant

Amber Brown succeeds for our clients because she knows how to find selling solutions and empower others. She does all this with a highly positive attitude. Despite her more than 10 years in the media sales training trenches, she is always learning more—gathering cutting-edge data that helps sellers and business development managers build strong sales programs.

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GINNY SPEAKS Field Consultant

We tried for years to hire Ginny, because of her ability to help major and national media accounts succeed at business development. In the 1990’s Ginny built her consumer marketing knowledge as business development manager for Gaylord Entertainment’s broadcast division. Ginny finally came to us in 2004 from her own successful company. Ginny’s positive attitude makes believers out of every media sales rep. Attention to detail; ability to grasp the big picture; a love of closing the deal: these are reasons why Ginny succeeds in guiding sellers down the path to sales success.

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ginny speaks

kathrine glass

KATHRINE GLASS Field Consultant

Kathrine has directed innovative programs to drive significant incremental revenue for TV, radio and newspaper clients for over 10 years. Kathrine came to us from The Dallas Morning News where she built non-traditional revenue strategies and a cross-property sales partnership with WFAA-TV. She also extended the paper’s brand by managing strategy and execution for all outside media assets. Katherine is equally experienced at working with agencies and with direct clients.

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ANGELA MEDEIROS Client Service Associate

Angela joined Morrison and Abraham as a research specialist in 2000. Training materials, industry research, market trends and lead lists…Angela handled it all. In fact, she did so well that we promoted her to work directly with clients, handling their requests and creating top-notch company profiles. Since she’s a real people person, this has been great for our clients—and of course she’s happy too. Angela has a degree in communications.

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angela medeiros

rose dacey

ROSE DACEY Operations Manager

Rose has such a keen sense for operations and finance that, after she joined us in 1998, we quickly promoted her to operations manager. (She came to us from 12 years in sales and distribution for a major regional auto distributer, and we thank our lucky stars.) Rose offers our clients a legendary can-do attitude with a focus on results. Whether it’s legal contracts or reporting, human resources or a call late in the day, Rose makes sure, in her own modest way, that clients get what they need. She is the beacon that keeps us bright.

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Steve has been our researcher since 1998. It’s his job to locate the information our clients need to build their revenue streams. He creates our lead publication, Seller's Source, by pouring over print and online sources for client leads. And he’s frequently a valued researcher for our University—where clients go for the really deep materials that solidify their campaigns.

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steve ventura

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- Local Sales Manager, Pittsburgh TV Station