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Morrison and Abraham’s consultative selling system provides media sales staff with the skills they need to create and sell fully integrated sales and marketing programs.   Our focus is to uncover the needs of the client. 



Our approach is theory, then application.   Morrison and Abraham has created a bold, hands-on approach to consulting that consistently results in increased profits for clients. Our keen sense for untapped opportunities ensures that Morrison and Abraham’s training is both practical and cutting edge.


Highlights of our Knowledge-Based Selling training:

  • Prospecting & Research
  • Landscaping to find decision-makers
  • Dialing for dollars and the needs analysis call
  • Writing the proposal
  • Closing
  • Execution, recap and renewal

We Inject Enthusiasm into the Sales Process



Our Management Coaching focuses on Planning, Strategy, Pacing & Tracking.  We provide systems and suggestions to make your department more profitable and hold sellers accountable. 


Highlights of what we do:

  • Get management comfortable with the Knowledge-Based Selling process and consultative selling. Managers cannot manage a process they don’t understand.
  • Emphasize the importance of managing based on the individual seller, not as a group.
  • Introduce FAST Sales Management™ for practical, tangible methods to manage KBS and measure results. 

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Consulting packages are customized to fit your needs. To discuss a consulting package, please contact us at (781) 986-2100 or click on the contact button above.


"This is one of the first "training" courses where I feel like I gained something I can put to work on the "streets".  I look forward to working with you next year. Thanks again."

- VP/Sales, Atlanta