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Keynote Speakers

Morrison and Abraham executives have been invited to conduct a number of motivational and educational sessions all over the country.  Speakers such as President Susan Novicki and former CEO Sheila Kirby have empowered and entertained audiences in all types of media.


In addition to being invited to conduct a session at the RAB every year since 1987, Morrison and Abraham has conducted sessions for Cox Communications, Beasley Broadcasting, Radio Disney, the Country Radio Broadcasters, IEG as well as a dozen state broadcasting associations.   Also, Susan has been a frequent presenter for the NAB/TVB Account Executive Seminar Series, showing sellers how to tap into specific industries (health care, home improvement) to generate new revenue. 


Topics may be selected from the list below or we will create a session for you. All sessions are customized for your
specific needs.

  • Introduction to Business Development
  • Industry-Specific Trainings
  • Knowledge-Based Selling
  • FAST Sales Management™
  • Adding A Zero – Closing & Negotiating
  • Driving Sales Culture
  • Advanced Management Coaching


Comments from attendess

“Wow! So informative! Great ideas, steps to take, success stories in media selling: this is exactly what makes this conference worth every penny.  Thank you!”


“Unique ways to tie businesses together for non-traditional revenue and in order to move units for both the client and yourself.”


“The challenge is getting radio people to think as marketers.  Those who take and use this material in media selling will win big.”



To reserve a speaker for your event, contact our corporate office at (781) 986-2100 or email us at rdacey@morrisonandabraham.com



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Consulting packages are customized to fit your needs. To discuss a consulting package, please contact us at (781) 986-2100 or click on the contact button above.


"Awesome!  This was the best seminar of the conference.  I've been anxiously awaiting this presentation.  It will be put to use! "

- Sales Manager, Seattle