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An alternative to in-market visits is to have our training delivered via a webinar.  Webinars can be delivered to a sales staff in one market or a sales staff nation wide.  We offer a wide range of training topics including skill set trainings from planning to recap and industry trainings from automotive to wireless. 


media salesIntroduction to Business Development

In this eye-opening presentation, Morrison and Abraham will shine a new light on how sellers can find top prospects.  They will learn how to locate and then contact a wide variety of decision makers, establish their credibility by offering the right ideas and asking smart questions and finally putting together programs that address customer challenges and close deals.  Participants will be energized to do their homework, then call on and close major corporations with big needs and budgets to meet them.


Skill Set Trainings

These trainings are designed to delve deeper into each step of the process.


Prospecting & Research
Planning and Forecasting
Landscaping:  Digging Deeper
Handling Objections
Proposal Writing
Moving the Sale

Writing Recaps
Time Management


Evolving Categories

Morrison and Abraham has built their reputation on generating new revenue from non-traditional advertisers such as AT&T, Diageo, and American Standard. We teach sellers how to find the opportunities, what to say to impress the decision-makers and how to develop successful promotions for any of the following categories:


Advertising Agencies


Automotive Aftermarket

Consumer Packaged Goods

Dealer Groups/Co-op

Distilled Spirits

Financial Services

Health Care

Home Improvement





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Consulting packages are customized to fit your needs. To discuss a consulting package, please contact us at (781) 986-2100 or click on the contact button above.


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