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Seller’s Source is our weekly lead publication is delivered every Monday via email.  It allows your sales team to generate new revenue, save time and stay ahead of the competition.


  • This product is complimentary with a full service consulting partnership and is also available as a stand alone product
  • Provides over 40 new leads every week that focus on and detail prospective advertisers
  • Each lead is based on a recent event or announcement.  For example:  companies that have recently introduced a new product or service, recently opened or expanded into a new location or intend to launch a national campaign or sponsorship that can be leveraged regionally
  • Includes enough information to get sales people on the phone right away
  • Proven to generate new revenue for our current clients
  • Let us do the work for you, we search and read numerous newspapers and magazines, so you and your team can focus on making calls

Seller’s Source is published 50 weeks of the year. An annual subscription is only $1,200.

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"Within one week of seeing the Seller's Source lead, I conducted a Needs Analysis conversation over the phone with the CEO. Within three weeks I closed the program."