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Competitive Intelligence

Our in-house resource departments provide information, on request, to help you close business.   
All of these services are part of a full service consulting partnership, however, we are happy to create any size package to suit your needs.

flip chartCompany Profiles

A Knowledge-Based Selling tool designed to arm sellers with critical company information to prepare them for the call. Created at your request to include:

  • headquarters location information
  •  basic company background
  •  products and services
  •  marketing and sponsorship information  
  • decision-maker contact information
  • agency information
  • competitors

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Success Stories

Closed business from our client network to help you build credibility when making calls and provide valuable idea starters.


Actual proposals and/or recaps from closed business in our client network.  

Lead Lists

Target lists of leads tailored to your interest, for example, industry, location, event, sponsorship, etc.  

 Website Access

An online resource for clients to access a plethora of information 24/7

  • Over 200 company profiles of Fortune 1000 business in the major industries.  Each profile is updated on a six month cycle. 
  • Success stories from our client network
  • Current and archived editions of our lead publication, Seller's Source

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Seller’s Source

Our lead publication delivered weekly via email

  • provides 40 new leads every week that focus on and detail prospective advertisers
  • proven to generate new revenue for our current clients
  • includes enough information to get sales people on the phone right away
  • let us do the work for you, we search and read numerous newspapers and magazines, so you and your team can focus on Sales Leads

Available as a standalone product, click to order.


Seller’s Edge

Our bi-weekly trends publication via email

  • Blogs authored by our Field Consultants on relevant issues and suggestions to help sellers close new business.
  • Articles on recent and digital trends to keep you ahead of the curve
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Consulting packages are customized to fit your needs. To discuss a consulting package, please contact us at (781) 986-2100 or click on the contact button above.


"What I like most about University is that it provides a lot of the preliminary leg work needed to further landscape while dialing for dollars. It's been especially helpful with the grocery and package goods categories since there are so many layers of decision makers
and buckets of $$. "

- Account Executive,
San Francisco Chronicle