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Practical, Uncomplicated Strategies
Start generating new media sales revenue.


Morrison and Abraham offers practical, uncomplicated strategies to develop new media sales revenue.   When a client enters into a full service consulting contract with Morrison and Abraham, they are literally entering into a partnership. 
We sit down and work with management on creating ability, skill and motivation assessments of the salespeople and determining targeted training based on that assessment.  We work closely with both management and the sellers to hit specific revenue goals.


We train sellers to work independently and find revenue from new sources instead of chasing the traditional ad dollar.   Our approach is theory, then application.  Sellers learn most effectively by making the calls and doing the process themselves.  We roll up our sleeves and do the process with them, motivating sellers with “ah ha” moments.


With a full service sales training contract all of our resources are available to you including In-market visits and highly interactive sessions that focus on our Knowledge-Based Selling methodology. 


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In-market visits include the following:


    • Introduction to our Knowledge-Based Selling method 
    • Interactive group trainings with demonstrations and  practice
    • One-on-one sales training with account executives for skill development
    • Category or industry training as needed
    • Morrison and Abraham participation on pre-qualified sales calls

In between visits, we offer continuous support to your staff with regularly scheduled management calls, one-on-one phone coaching and competitive intelligence.   As a result of a partnership with us, your sellers will:


    • Diversify their activity by finding new decision-makers and new "pots" of money
    • Expand their customer base
    • Increase the value of what they sell for their clients
    • Provide fully integrated marketing programs
    • Be less dependent on transactional business



Practical, uncomplicated strategies to generate new media revenue. Contact Us

Consulting packages are customized to fit your needs. To discuss a consulting package, please contact us at (781) 986-2100 or click on the contact button above.


"Your meetings were received better than any training we have done at this company."

- General Sales Manager,
Phoenix Radio Station