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Coaching One-on-One

One-on-one phone consultation with individual sellers.  This is an opportunity to continuously move the needle on a regular basis.


  • 3-way calls for prospecting, landscaping or needs analysis with potential clients
  • Sellers complete pre-work on prospects to be prepared and to keep the call productive
  • Phone skills coaching
  • Brainstorming ideas and sales strategies
  • Follow up on leads
  • Practice and feedback on Knowledge-Based Selling skills
  • Discussion on Knowledge-Based Selling challenges and solutions
  • A detailed recap of the calls are provided to management to ensure follow up and accountability

Here is an example of a call made during a phone sales coaching session. 


Example of a call made during a phone sales coaching session

(Generalized for confidentiality reasons)


We had an excellent first call with “John” and scheduled a follow up needs analysis for today.  We called and captured the following info:



 West Coast is his territory:  Phoenix, CA, Utah, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.



$10-15K per program for an individual market.



He liked both, but committed to an account specific program for the first step



September 30, by the end of July he has his year planned.



Need to turn promotion/idea around in 2 weeks to present.



May, interested in making the Cinco De May holiday a bigger deal.



Mentioned perhaps working with other brands as well.



Brainstorm Cinco de Mayo idea and put on paper to present in 2 weeks.


This service is available as a standalone product; minimum bank of 10 hours. Order now.




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"Telecoaching has to be one of the most valuable tools I've experienced with Morrison and Abraham! During one one-hour session we were able to pin-point the key decision makers at Kraft, obtain key budget information, their objectives, and a homework assignment that two weeks later lead to a $100,000
sponsorship deal!"  

- Business Development Manager,
Miami Herald