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Management Coaching

Our Management Coaching focuses on Planning, Strategy, Pacing & Tracking.  We provide systems and suggestions to make your department more profitable and hold sellers accountable.  Some highlights include:


  • Get management comfortable with the Knowledge Based Selling process and consultative selling.  Managers cannot manage a process they don’t understand.
  • Work on the importance of managing based on the individual seller, not as a group.
  • Introduce FAST Sales Management™ for practical, tangible methods to manage KBS and measure results. 
  • Put together a plan to reach the established goals
  • Work on account strategies
  • Establish individual budgets with each seller, quarterly and annually.
  • Clearly outline expectations, roles and results expected from the individual sellers.
  • Prospects for pending business on a scale of 1-10
  • Establish time frame for working lead and rolling accounts.
  • Show the Managers the way to use this knowledge in guiding their sales force to success, including the questions to regularly ask the sellers while they are working on leads. 
  • Honestly evaluate sellers’ skills through ability, skill & motivation analysis.
  • Offer fresh perspectives and insights on your sales team

In addition, we provide ongoing support via a bi-weekly conference call with management to review the following:


  • Discussion of recent successes in the network
  • Highlights of hot categories and companies
  • Strategizing and problem solving specific accounts to close business
  • Review business booked and business pending numbers
  • Departmental planning and changes to the Map to Success
  • Successes and challenges with communication and personnel
  • Training needs
  • Reviewing timeline to keep target on projects and accounts
  • Commitments to follow-up and next steps



Practical, uncomplicated strategies to generate new media revenue. Contact Us

Consulting packages are customized to fit your needs. To discuss a consulting package, please contact us at (781) 986-2100 or click on the contact button above.


"Morrison and Abraham is hard core.  They bring us leads that turn into dollars and are expert when we go to them with categories we have ideas and questions about.  M&A is an important weapon in our arsenal."

- VP/GM,
New Jersey Radio Group